Short info

My name is Lefteris Fandridis and I am the founder of playview.
I had the privilege to create the first Gaming Sites in Greece, almost 14 years ago->
Gamers-Corner.gr, Gamenet.gr, Gamecity.gr, Filecity.gr, Multiplayer.gr, Gamers.gr, Gamersuniverse.com were some of the sites that i had created for the companies i was working at the time.
It was period that very few of us had Isdn Connections and gaming was a habit happening mostly in Internet Café. That changed with our sites, as the first Gaming Servers were created in Greece and it was the first time someone could read a Gaming Review on a Site, watch a Gaming Video in Greek and find a space, a forum, where he could discuss for his favorite titles. Nowadays all these must sound a bit strange, but back then, it wasn’t so fact as it is now.
Gamersuniverse was the first site that had an IP.TV Channel and a monthly Gaming PDF Magazine along with offices in 3 countries.

After 10 years on this area, on 2009 i have chosen to change my field of work, and joined e-Commerce business where I work till now. My great passions are now TV-Series, Movies and of course Gaming.
The reason to create playview, was to design a place, a home where people could discuss about TV-Series, Movies and Games, in a different approach of what you can find in other sites around the world. No at playview.eu you won’t find the latest Reviews, Latest News or similar sections you can expect to see based on the experience of other sites. I know that doesn’t say much, but soon the vision will reveal ;-)
For now, I can say that the language of the site will be in English & Greek and that the plan is to not have any short of advertisement within the site. Behind playview is not only me, as various people collaborated to further improve the idea over the years, and will accompany myself to its progression. More soon, you can find me through our social pages and ofc at info@playview.eu - thank you for the support

by Lefteris Fandridis